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My practice uses the following styles.

  • Person-Centred psychotherapy
  • Existential approaches to counselling
  • Gestalt counselling/psychotherapy
  • Body Psychotherapy theory
  • Psychodynamic theory
  • Object Relations theory

    The above definitions may or may not have any meaning for you. The definitions can easily be found online. In my practice I use a variety of methods and styles. These are adapted according to what you bring and what is needed to help you live, and sleep, better.

    SLEEP THERAPY helps you to recognise when it is time to sleep, how to help you to sleep, analyses your sleeping style and how you can get a better and longer sleep each night.

    If you suffer from:



    *interrupted sleep

    *deficient sleep,

    you may need help.

    Being unable to sleep adequately is detrimental to your health and well-being. It will effect your mental as well as your physical health, your efficacy at work, your memory, your bodily functions and your relationships.

    It is important to feel appropriately energetic throughout the day and to avoid the exhaustion that arises from insomnia.

    My sessions will comprise:

    *an analysis of your sleeping history

    *an explanation of how we get to sleep and what keeps us awake

    *recommendations for better sleep habits and 'hygiene'

    *use of sleep diaries

    *analysis of your sleep diaries

    *dream work

    *counselling, if necessary, for addressing your sleep problems

    Most of the time, sleep therapy tends to last between 6 to 10 sessions, but if you request or need counselling, this may be longer.

    I am fully insured, and a fully registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

    I am currently working privately with adult clients over 18 years.
    Previously, I worked at an NHS centre, with people local to Queens Park and Kilburn, both as a counsellor and assessor.
    Typical of north-west London, my clients have included many different backgrounds, cultures and both sexes.

    I also work as an editor on an online journal, Contemporary Psychotherapy ( and am able to proof read and edit texts and other document. For this service, I would charge 1p per word.

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